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Trade Mark, Copy Right and Patent

Commercial Transactions 

We are expertise to successfully register complex trademarks which are mostly denied by so-called many online portals. We have always offer end to end solutions for registration of all TMs, copyrights and patents which is important for any organization and individuals.

Our Core Area:

  • Advice and apply on Trademark, Copy Right and Patent.

  • Research and reply on Objection Reply.

  • Assist and advise in the Court hearing.

  • Handling Infringement Cases

We are expertise ourselves to take care of all commercial transactions disputes between individuals, MNC, and financial institutes about including Cheque bounce, unpaid invoices, degraded material deliver after payment, less payments, Selling completely or partial business, Dispute in transactions, business and consumer payment and services disputes, Verification of commercial agreements, Dispute on loan or credit payments.


We work very closely to understand our client’s commercial requirements and objectives to maxims the client’s revenue and growth in his business/task by securing from all legal obligations. Our honest approach, effective negotiation, dutiful advocacy, problem-solving and hardworking attitude help to serve the highest level of service to our clients

Our Core Area:

  • Expertise in Cheque Bounce case

  • Specialize in Contract Breach and unpaid invoices

  • Disputes with financial institutes 


We are expertise ourselves to take care of and resolve all employment disputes, challenges and opportunities between employee and employer in a way to reduce the unproductive time between them. Our records show our success rate on this is very high due to fair intention and deep knowledge in human resources and relative laws.

Our Core Area:

  • Advice and defend in employment litigations or arbitrations.

  • Share knowledge of best practices in Human resources management.

  • Assist them to implement related law mandatory guidelines.

  • Motivate and counselling all aspects of employment 

  • Negotiate with/between Trade union and Management

  • Dealing with compensation arrangements

  • Provide legal protection by ensuring best workplace policies implemented

  NRI Services

Being NRI for many years aware of the gap between the quality of services in India and abroad which help us to understand needs and working style required from clients living abroad. We are expertise ourselves in those areas where an NRI needs support and services in such efficient and effective ways to achieve the requirements which ask for.

Our Core Area :

• Making Power of attorney, Will and any other documents required.
• Assist and advise in any property related issues like new purchase, rental management, property partition, setting up a business from abroad,  Property Paper verification, Ancestors and parental property disputes etc.

Real Estate

We understand that anyone spends a lot of time before buying anything so why do we buy properties without checking big and small legalities, regulations and liabilities which find out later but are unable to correct it, then it creates a lot of issues including wastage of your effort, time and money. Our expertise in property law and understanding of regulatory authorities will help you find out hassle-free sales and purchases. We also help you with rental management which easier your life and reduce the chances of any kind of future disputes.

      Our Core Area: 

  • Verification of the Title search

  • Assistance in Property Sale & purchase

  • Assistance in Transfer & Gift Deeds

  • Assistance in Will & Testaments

  • Assitance in Trust and Estates

  • Assistance in Builder - Buyer Agreement

  • Assistance in Rental Property


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